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Said to be, "The Friendliest RV Park in Arizona".

We are the ONLY RV Park in Catalina, Arizona.

     Flash Note!!!!    This is a wonderful little community with many good small business people.  However, before choosing a mechanic shop or a place to get your brakes done, please ask a local including the management here, who is the most reliable and has the best reputation. Please don't go off on your own not knowing the area and get burned!  It has happened too many times and we hate to see our guests ripped off!! 
     Master Tech, South of us would be a good place to start if you need auto repairs!  Have heard only good things about them and they worked on one of our vehicles too.  For those of you who use nothing but Amsoil products, Master Tech will be the go to place for that in this area too!  Thanks.

     Our new season started off with a bang.  We have been quite busy as some of our folks returned early this year.  It was nice to have some of them join us for our annual 'kick off the season', THANKSGIVING POT LUCK!  Lots of wonderful food provided by our guests and the turkey supplied and grilled by the managers fell off the bone again.  Sue Gignac did the carving and their was plenty of turkey for all.  Thank you Sue and the rest of the folks for all your help to make the potluck such a success. 

     We haven't had our annual chilli cook off this year but we did have a couple chilli's for our New Years Eve potluck party.  We had chilli and dogs along with some other wonderful dishes and lots of cookies and goodies.  Thank you to all who joined us for the New Year.  Some of us hangeroners even made it to midnight and toasted in the New Year with some excellent champagne.  MAY THE BEST OF YOUR PAST, BE THE WORST OF YOUR FUTURE, to borrow a line from one of our favorite movies. 

Our 'SUPER BOWL' party was a lot of fun and the guys loved the game except maybe for the couple Bronco's fans.  Better luck next time!  We did have lots of finger foods with pizza, crackers and cheese and many many other fine goodies.  We celebrated several birthdays with the cake being supplied by one of the birthday guys, George's sweet and single Sister, Chris of 'Chris Beads'.  Chris creates such beautiful beaded jewelry.  Denise and I own several of her creations.  Check out her Facebook page; Chris Mace's Jewelry.  We believe you will want to own some of them yourselves!

     Last Sunday, we had our first pizza party hosted by one of the new owners of 'National Pizza Party Inc., Angelique!  There was a slight mixup as we were supposed to be eating omelets but most enjoyed the pizza anyway telling us it wasn't so much the food as it was the friendship and companionship.  All seemed to have a good time and we were even joined by the Park Owner, Tom, who ate a few slices himself.  One of our residents, Danny Martin, set a new record of 24 slices eaten at one sitting.  He REALLY loved the pizza!!!  I think he even took some home afterward. Go Danny!
So thank you again to Angelique of 'National Pizza Party' for a good time and fun food.  Next time it will have to be omelets!  We had a sample a couple years back before Dave retired and we know they are delicious!!  So any of you heading our way just mention it's time for a party and we'll give them a call. 

     We recently celebrated the birthday of one of our guests who said she had never had a surprise birthday party!  Can you believe that?  She had no idea at all and she was quite surprised by all the people who came out to celebrate with her. Her husband Jim did really well keeping her busy until time to get her to the party.  There was cake and ice cream for all with a yummy red fruit punch and some other munchies.  Even though Sharon told us she didn't like surprises, we think she had a great time.  Many happy returns of your special day, Sharon.

     This picture was of last years annual chili cook-off which was held Sunday, February 24, 2013.  It was a huge success!  We had eight different chili's in the running with prizes going to the top three.  It was definitely the boys day.  All three prizes were awarded to the guys unique creations.  Dick took 1st place, a $30.00 Visa gift card with his 'Idaho Special'.  Bruce came in second, a $20.00 Visa gift card with his 'Alaskan Chili Surprise and Dale, our previous 1st place winner took 3rd place with his 'Everything In A Can, Bachelor Chili' which awarded him a $10.00 WalMart gift card. 
     Needless to say, there was a lot of good food.  Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time and we even had a cake to celebrate birthdays provided by a local jewelry artist, Chris of 'Christina's Creations'. We have some of her beautiful beaded jewelry on display in our community center.  Many thanks to all who brought a chili entry and also to those who brought the extras, salad, crackers, cookies and sodas.

     The Wishing Well RV Park is an older well established park located Northwest of the Santa Catalina Mountain Range in the small but growing community of Catalina, Arizona.  The Mountain range East of the Park has a 9,800 foot. peak and is beautiful to behold at sunrise and sunset. (Does Purple Mountain Majesty bring anything to mind?)  As the managers, and having been here now for over eighteen years, we have seen some amazing color changes to the mountains during the rainy season in the Winter and the Monsoon in the Summer.  We have seen the mountain range turn a beautiful golden color when the sunset is just right, or go from pink to a deep purple with the added humidity in the air.  Our guests enjoy having their morning coffee while watching the sunrise over the Catalina's.

     By the way, we have some
'Very Exciting News'!!!   We are now a 'GOOD SAM' Park!   We offer Good Sam Discounts!!  If you're not a member, NO PROBLEM!  We can sign you up here and you can begin saving from day one!  Soon, when the new directory arrives, we will be listed in the Good Sam Directory on the 'Arizona Page' and in the 'Tucson Spotlight' Section!  We are looking forward to meeting many of you Good Sam Members.  So come by and see for yourselves why we are called one of the 'Friendliest' RV Parks in Arizona.

     Our guests can enjoy their morning coffee in our Community Center
!  Often, there is some sort of goody to enjoy with the coffee. 
     We have two restrooms, one with a large shower.  Our guests have 24 hour access thanks to Denise putting a combination lock on the back door.  So when the building is locked up at night, our guests can still get in for a quick shower, to stretch out on the sofa for some reading or TV, or even get a head start on laundry.   


     By the way, we have satellite TV in the community center this Season, courtesy of the managers and Dish Network who supplied the new DVR Receiver.  Now our guests will be able to record a show while watching another so hopefully no good shows will be missed.  We are always looking for new ways to make our guests stay as enjoyable as possible.  Unfortunately guys, the Sports PPV and girlie channels will be restricted.  Sorry bout that!  LOL 

     For those of you who have noticed so many satellite dishes sitting around so many of the parks you've visited, it is because those folks want their TV with them wherever they go so they don't miss any of their favorite programs.  Any of you interested, we have coupons for free satellite systems and on occasion, Dish Network even offers free installation!  Just ask the managers for details. 

    And don't forget!  We are now a GOOD SAM Park with all the Great Benefits and discounts.  So if you're not a member yet, ask us how you can begin saving on your very 1st night!  We can help.

      This year many of our regular guests will be returning and we always look forward to seeing them and meeting new friends who have never visited us before.  So please stop by and see why we've been called one of the friendliest RV Parks in Arizona!

If you are not familiar with our RV Park and your first contact with us is online: We would be pleased to hear from you! Please let us know what your needs and questions are and we will be more than happy to help.